Making Feeding Easy
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One Way Airflow draws air away from the breast while expressing and simultaneously keeps mother's breast shielded from harmful elements like dust & bacteria in the air. Vacuum Adjustment Dial helps to adjust suction to the one most comfortable for the mother. All parts are made from BPA free, soft silicone and polyproylene material that are non-toxic, safe and clinically tested. Honeycomb Soft Silicone liner is gentle, pulsates and massages the breast while expressing 2-in-1 breast pump allows mothers to express milk using electricity or battery, depending on individual needs & comfort. Spill-proof membrane eases the suctions, ensures adequate milk is collected in the bottle and is prevented from entering back into the pump set.Soft breast shield is gentle on the sensitive skin of the breasts and can also be stretched around the areola, protecting the breast to the maximum level while pumping.